The BUZZ Spotlight: Farhat Kazi

Farhat Kazi



Farhat Kazi (The Visionary 🤯)
Project Manager - Intersec

Many of you have had the pleasure of working with Farhat as she leads the charge on Cyber Security, Smart Homes, Commercial, Perimeter & Homeland Security for Intersec. 🔐

We cornered her into giving us this short interview. Check out her responses to our questions below! ✨


Do you have any weird fears or phobias?

Cleithrophobia. I have this fear that I could be trapped in a very narrow and suffocating small space.


What’s your favorite non-social media app and why?

Flightradar24 – allows me to track my loved ones – altitude and safety


If you were a world leader for 1 minute what would be the first decision that you would take?

Ban on weapons of mass destruction.


What song do you always find yourself jamming to?

Quit playing games with my heart …


What’s the best book you’ve read this year?

The Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak


Who or what has had the biggest influence on your professional life?

Freedom to take decisions has the biggest influence


Pineapples on pizza or Elaichi (Cardamom) in Biryani?

Eeesh….no Pineapple on Pizza……


If you could invite three people from any of point in history for dinner, who would you choose?

Late HH Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan (Founder of the UAE)
Mirza Ghalib (Legendary Urdu and Persian Poet from India)
Bhagat Singh (the ferocious freedom fighter from India)


What is an embarrassing experience you would like to share?

During a summer holiday in Alberta, Canada, we were enjoying the in a resort and suddenly my 4 year old child needed to pee and I rushed to the rest room only to find a long queue outside. He was in an urgent need of one and so without wasting a second, I entered the Men’s toilet. On finishing our job when I got out of the cubicle, I saw two men looking at me in disbelief….embarrassing but need of the hour was more important.


Who is your favorite comedian?

Umar Sharif (Pakistani Legendary Comedian)


Which movie character would you like to play?

Erin Brockovich (it’s a real character, so well depicted in the movie)


What did you binge watch recently? (Netflix, Soap opera, Anime, anything!)

Netflix – The Innocence Files


What was your favorite holiday experience?

Japan – there is no nation that is so organized, advanced and systematic and its people are most civilized, well behaved and humble.


Would you rather be an amazing dancer or be great at math?



What talent would you really like to have?

Playing guitar.


Peanut Butter or Nutella?



What would you tell your 15 year-old self?

You have a world to conquer only with your self-belief and attitude.


What is the best advice you've ever received?

That I am only answerable to Allah for all my actions.


Would you rather live on Mars or live in Antarctica?

Antarctica – melting the ice and making soups and tea and waiting for the Penguin parade is far more enjoyable than wearing a claustrophobic Space Suit, and waiting for packaged food and tablets.


What experience from your life would you like to re-live?

Student Life.


What superpower would you like to have for a day?

To eradicate poverty, terrorism and illiteracy forever with one magical wand.


What is your personal motto?



Which movie made you cry and why?

Titanic – it wasn’t meant to be …. So many dreams remained unfulfilled, so many promises, hopes, remained just that…. 


If you could cook a meal for anyone in the world who would it be? (don’t say family)

Justin Trudeau – the Canadian Prime Minister


If you could time travel, when would you go and why?

1985 - 1995: Best era for stress free outdoor fun, games, real friendships, deep conversations, simple life, curiosity, exploration, innovations and much more