Sheryl Carvalho

We all have a defining moments in our life where we can look back and say "That moment changed my life" . For me that Aha moment was when I first went to the Messe headquarters in Frankfurt for the Light + Build Show, my first ever show that I Visited.

It has been an exciting journey watching my personal growth in Messe Frankfurt,  where I experienced some incredibly WOW AHA moments.  Our team dinners were time for introspection of how each person I met along this journey had left an impression on me, and helped me to become the person I am professionally today.

One such moment was when I was walking with my boss to visit a new client at the Light+ Build show.  I had been trying hard to get this particular exhibitor  (kny-design Austria specializes in providing innovative solutions for lighting design – from “classic chandeliers“ to glass facades and light sculptures made of metal). They were playing difficult. Even getting an appointment was difficult.  Eventually my contacts agreed for a meeting. I remember how nervous I was and could literally hear my heart beat.  As we approached the list my bosses assurance that he would be there to help and affirmation that he trusts me set the right pace for this important meeting.  The discussion went well and the cherry on the pudding was when the client confirmed their order and agreed for business my first order 60 sqmt booked and signed contract at the show !! that feeling of being ecstatic!.  As we walked out of their stand the client gave some encouraging  positive feedback on my persuasive nature and praised my commitment level. I really was on Cloud 9 as my boss appreciated me and said well done in your first lead .

It was a pivotal moment in my career.  His motivation strengthened me to accept bigger challenges, and thereafter there was no looking back. The offer of my first outstation trip was the catalyst to this amazing journey of my career.