Rudolph Anand

Personally for me, memorable moments are anything but a few. Having worked with Informa in the past, I was excited to have scheduled an interview to meet Michael Dehn and Gazi Bilikozen and arrived about half hour ahead of scheduled. That was incidentally well received by Gazi and immediately struck a confident note that I will get along with the manager. I used to work on a smaller profile; PALME/Event Show (which did well) and was reasoning out how difficult and challenging it was to work on a smaller profile while it was easier to work on a bigger and well established event like Automechanika. He just smiled and said there were equal challenges to working on a big show. I think back and agree with his simple reason to challenges of retention and growth in a bigger event.

I met with the team members after my acceptance and immediately felt welcomed. I took over the baton from Jasmeet Bakshi, who was then instrument in laying a strong foundation for the tyres and batteries section. Without any hesitation, Jasmeet seamlessly transferred his industry knowledge and continuously followed up with support and assistance with who I needed to constantly stay in touch with; who needed to be recruited; what needed to be said and done to win new opportunities for the section. To date I consider myself very lucky to be chosen as a member of this team for I was well aware of the number of people who had applied for this particular role.

While I took the necessary time to understand the industry; they would accompany me for key client meetings, introduce me to our industry colleagues as a new acquisition with high esteem. In all honestly that made my life easier; boosted my confidence levels and allowed me to settle into my role with a focus at executing my core function. As I continued to strengthen my roots in the organization and my role, I was extremely pleased and surprised at how friendly and genuine people were in being exceptionally supportive at making my job easier. The operations team will definitely get my shout out for being able to address challenging, demanding and irate clients.  Maria, Junalyn, Gavin were just a phone call away with resolve. Nothing has changed in that spirit with inclusions of new colleagues in that team who reflect the same spirit of confidence to resolution.

Finally, I remain a believer in continues learning for personal development and to stay markets, industry and knowledge aware. This led me to consider exploring an MBA program from a British University, one that particularly suited my interest. A discussion with Mr. Ahmed Pauwels shed light on the perfect online MBA that held high standards of instruction and learning from the University of Cumbria. It required a letter of recommendation, Loida was instrument in drafting a solid recommendation and Ahmed attesting the same (available in my linkedin profile). Years have gone by; a few have moved on to their greener pastures; yet the friendly and supportive culture continues to exist and the focus at excellence continues to prevail in this teams’ spirit. Not only am I thankful to many individuals for authenticating me to represent the Messe Frankfurt brand, I remain eternally grateful for this opportunity and look forward to extending my best in knowledge and experience to achieving in what is considered a successful outcome. Thank you.