Shafeeh Mohammed

I had a great experience during the recruitment process with MFME. It was during my interview with Michael Dehn where he asked me:

Michael Dehn:  What would you do if you realize that the client will actually not benefit from the event as he is targeting a different group of audience that do not attend our event?

Shafeeh: I was quiet for a moment and then replied: “I will try to convince them that there is a different way that they could benefit from by participating”.

Michael Dehn: Smiled and then said “I would want you to tell them the truth and then keep the phone. Later if you can refer them to a colleague who has what they are looking for then you should do that. We at Messe Frankfurt focus on client satisfaction and maintain transparency with them. If we can do something we tell them YES and if we cannot we either refer them to a colleague who can help or say No if there is no option”.


Honesty and transparency is the key aspect of doing anything in life. In fact it goes a long way and helps build a strong relationship, be it professional or personal.


I try my best to practice this in everything I do. Sometimes the outcome is not as expected (as every person has a different way of reacting to situations). However, the sense of gratitude and self-respect that I gain is priceless.

Hope my fellow colleagues can also benefit from the experience I had. J