Charmagne Cruz

My most memorable experience was in 2015, when I newly joined the company. I was only weeks old in Messe Frankfurt and also newly got my driver’s license around the same time. Although, never really drove and still depended on mom to pick me up and drop me lol. One time, she was away on business and I had no choice but to drive to work myself. I woke up early that day and mustered up all the courage I could and drove 15 minutes from home to work only to spend nearly an hour looking for parking. Tired after the Nth round of searching, I then unfortunately hit a car near the metro station while changing lane. Panicked and had no clue what to do, my first reaction was to cry like a baby! The driver of the car I hit couldn’t even get out as his door was blocked and damaged by mine and he had to climb out his passenger window to console me. Scared to call my dad or sister, I called the first person on my mind I knew may help, superman Mr. Gavin Morlini! I called him in tears and he bore the summer heat and walked from H hotel to DWTC metro station, probably annoyed by the time he reached. In the midst of all my emotions, Gav thought it’d be funny if he pulled my leg and told me I was in deep trouble and may be going to jail for the accident, to which at that time my gullible self believed and wept even more. Still, Gav stayed with me through the whole process despite all the drama.

After settling the accident at the police station (I obviously got the pink slip), I apologized for the inconvenience and parted ways with the guy whose car I hit. The next day, I dared not drive again and took the metro and walked to the office. At the elevator area, the 8:55am crowd piled on as I impatiently waited for my turn to type in our floor number, when my hand and someone else’s hand accidentally bumped into each other as we both tried to do so first. I look up and it’s the man whose car I hit the day before! Standing all sweaty with a foldable scooter in hand. He said “Omg not you again” to which my face blushed like a tomato probably. “Look what you did to me” he said jokingly while waving the folding scooter. Turns out he works in the office tower as well, and to this day, we still bump into each other from time to time and giggle at our encounter.

Special shout out to mr. Gavin Morlini! Appreciated it :-)