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Staying positive during lockdown

23 Apr. 2020

Sarah, Alex, Sami, Sephora, and Ali treated the company to an internal webinar on various tips on how stay positive during this unprecedented lockdown. It was used as a test run for webinar software, allowing brand teams to iron out any IT and Tech related issues prior to launching their very own webinars in the weeks and months ahead for the thousands of our info-hungry customers. You can see the webinar presentations again here.

Introduction to Session: Sarah Phillips (Moderator) 

Session 1: Creative ways to keep positive at home! – Alexandra Robinson

Session 2: Feeling good & looking good - Sephora 

Session 3: Tools to help stay organized - The power of gratitude – Samiulla Khan 

Session 4: Keeping active and fitness - Ali Ayoub 



Sami’s presentation showed how we can all be involved in acts of kindness by sharing our most valuable asset: time.  In March, Sami’s wife Anna launched a Facebook group, InThisTogetherUAE, to provide support to individuals and mentoring for small businesses struggling through the Covid-19 crisis.

What started as a platform offering individuals emotional and practical support such has fetching groceries or medication, soon evolved into a fully-fledged group of more than 600 members and 30 volunteers, from healthcare professionals and psychologists to homeschooling and eLearning experts, lawyers and employment agencies.

Watch Sami’s presentation to learn more about #InthistogetherUAE Buddy Group.  If you want to be involved and offer your time as a volunteer or mentor, you can also join the Facebook Group.